API returning a CORS error when checking convert request status

I’m trying to make a request to the REST API for checking a video conversion request status.
I’m using Axios the make a GET request to https://api.uploadcare.com/convert/video/status/${token}, using the following headers:

Authorization: `Uploadcare.Simple ${UPLOADCARE_KEY}:${UPLOADCARE_SECRET}`,
Accept: "application/vnd.uploadcare-v0.5+json",

When I do a POST request to convert the file it works, but when doing this GET request it returns a CORS error.
I looked at the API docs and could not find a solution. any Ideas?

Hi @dan

Are you making the request from the browser or NodeJS? Any additional details about the environment will be helpful.

Hi @Alex,
I’m making the request from the browser (FE). Should I be making it from the BE with Node?

Technically, it should work from both, but for security reasons, it’s recommended to implement this logic on the backend. Either way, I was unable to reproduce the issue in the browser. Can you please clarify if the request’s origin is HTTP or HTTPS?

It’s not https, perhaps that’s the issue. When I try from a local environment I get the CORS error, when I try with postman immediately after the conversion request I get a 404 response

Yes, most likely, that’s the issue. Check out this article to learn about how to set up HTTPS for your local environment.

Can you please tell me more about this

when I try with postman immediately after the conversion request I get a 404 response

What is the interval between the requests? Are you making the conversion request with Postman as well?

The interval is around 3 seconds - I do the conversion request from the browser, get a token back, copy that and shoot the status check from postman.
In general, how come the conversion request is ok locally and the status check request isn’t?

Can you please DM me a token that returns 404? Also, if you make both requests from Postman, does it work?