API access to IPTC embedded metadata


I’ve just done a little test to verify that the IPTC embedded metadata are preserved in images uploaded to Uploadcare.

Would it be possible to access that data via the JS or Rest API?


Hi @owenhoskins,

Uploadcare preserves the original image metadata. We populate the file information object with some keys from EXIF, and you can access them with both Upload API and JS API of the widget.

Can you tell us a bit more about your use case and how would you use IPTC/EXIF metadata retrived from API?

Hi @Alex, thanks for the reply, same use-case as mentioned here https://community.uploadcare.com/t/fileinfo-datetime-uploaded/807/2, where it could prove very useful for the Media Library to search in the contents the file IPTC metadata.


I was looking for the same. I add titles and captions into my images, it’d be great to pull that data from the image. Instead it looks like I’m going to export the EXIF into a .yaml file and process that at the same time that I pull the image.