Adding a Webflow CMS name to the Image ID

I’ve successfully integrated Uploadcare into my Webflow site but my client would like to have multiple images uploaded per application and to have these sorted by client.

I have a great Zapier - Dropbox integration which has previously worked with Webflow’s native image upload tool but as there may be a requirement to obtain videos, their 10mb limit is an issue, hence using Uploadcare.

The upload widget is positioned in a user specific CMS page, what I’d like to happen is for the CMS ID to be integrated within the ID of the uploaded image so that Zapier can then filter this into a user specific Dropbox folder.

Is there a way for Uploadcare to pull data from the page hosting the uploader (URL, CMS data etc) and then slot this into the file name for the images getting uploaded?

I hope this makes sense and someone has a solution?

Many thanks,


Hi Doug,

Thank you for your question! There’s no way to rename a file upon uploading. The widget will use the original file name in the file metadata. Adding custom tags/metadata to files is not supported yet, but it’s on our roadmap, and this feature may be added later this year. If you use the widget within a form, you can send form submissions to Zapier using Zapier hooks. In this case, your Zap will receive all form field values, including a user identifier and a CDN URL of the uploaded file, and based on this data, you can then put the file in a user-specific Dropbox folder.