Add Wolt BlurHash to returned image

Hey UC,
I would like to request implementing Wolt’s BlurHash for allowing rendering of small blurry thumps:

BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image.

Should be fairly simple to implement and the encoder is implemented in most languages.

I would suggest either as a return result from the Upload API, or via the URL API from a something like

Personally I would prefer it as a return from the upload API, as it can be easily stored besides the UC image url (Leaving the hash to be next to my image path)

Hope to hear from you! Love your product,

Sincerely Nikolaj

Hi @ns1, thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into this. So far, you might want to try using the /blur/ operation to generate similar placeholders. For example:


Placeholder (2.4 KB)

Hi Alex,
Yeah, /blur/ works too ofcourse.

But the cooler thing about blur-hash is that it can be stored as a compact string in the database, therefore the thump is synchronously being rendered before the image is requested.

Thanks for looking into it!