Accessibility Issues


We have found a few issues regarding accessibility when using the image upload widget.

  1. During upload - progress bar should not replace file icon inside the button because this fails (SC 3.2.3). The progress bar itself does not pass color contrast ratio and it is missing aria-label=“loading” and it should be remove when element is loaded.

  1. Focus is lost on “Crop and add this image” after you chose an image to upload. It should be set on the heading “Crop and add this image.”

  2. On “Crop and add this image” after you chose an image to upload, screen readers encounter a radio button that doesn’t do anything.

  1. On “Crop and add this image” - there is no way for keyboard users to crop the image.



Hi @heather.migliorisi, thanks for the report! We’re currently working on a new UI uploader, so uploadcare-widget v3 will receive only minor bug fixes. We’ll consider these issues and implement best practices in the new product. We’ll appreciate any feedback about the new widget and are open to feature requests and suggestions. If you have any, feel free to use GitHub discussions to share them with us.

Hi Alex,

I understand the desire to only update the new widget. I quickly looked at the new one and it is completely inaccessible via keyboard, so there’s no way we could switch to that one at this point.