How to set up custom CNAME?

  1. Pick a domain name that you want to use (e.g. and let us know of your choice.

  2. Add a CNAME record to your DNS zone, e.g.: CNAME

  3. Once everything is set up and DNS changes propagate, you will need to use new URLs with your domain name:

  4. Configure your widgets to return proper URLs. E.g.: UPLOADCARE_CDN_BASE =;

  5. Replace hostname in URLs of already uploaded files served by your app. We recommend having an easily configurable setting over hard coding hostname of your URLs.


I’ve set up the CNAME on my domain as describe above. Do I need to use a CDN like Akamai, or is the sub-domain all I need to access images on UC now?


Hi @ric,

You don’t need to connect a CDN on your end, this is what we’ll do. You just need to set a proper CNAME record in your DNS zone settings. I’ve sent you all the additional details to your email.